2 Days Until Paris.

Posted by on 06.29.2011

The Other Preparations…

(click the photos to enlarge them)

The white board in the Physical Therapy room has a countdown and a "Don't Forget to Pack" List

The countdown continues as more items are added to the list.


Sewing shoes in the Physical Therapy Room.

Sharing Skype usernames so we can all communicate in France.

Casting went up on Monday.

A "Bon Voyage" lunch party today, thrown by the administrative staff.

Starting on Saturday, I will be communicating from Paris, so make sure you don’t miss a second of Miami City Ballet’s tour!  Follow my Tumblr, Digital Diverts, for quick photos/links.  Follow me on Twitter, @bexking, for real time updates.  And don’t forget to come back to TENDUS for my articles and thoughts about the tour. (On the right side bar at the top of this page you will find a section dedicated to the Paris tour.)

Au Revoir Les États-Unis! Bon Voyage Miami City Ballet!



  1. Pour ses 25 ans, le Miami City Ballet s’offre Paris! | - [...] l’ensemble de l’équipe, et bénéficié d’une forte communication sur twitter, facebook, divers blogs des danseuses et dans la [...]

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