(265) Welcoming 2022, with Rebecca and Michael

Posted by on 01.11.2022

It’s 2022 and COD is back! We are ushering in the new year by celebrating some of the great things that friends of the pod have been up to recently, discussing the complexity surrounding dancer promotions, and how the change in the social media landscape in the past few years is affecting content that dancers and companies are putting out. Plus, we tease next week’s guest.

We have lots of exciting things coming your way this year, so thank you for tuning in and for supporting the pod.

In the beginning of this episode, we mention our close friend, Jovani Furlan, who has created a Go Fund Me page for help with family medical expenses. You can read Jovani’s story here: https://bit.ly/3FlnOpI. If you are able to give, that would be greatly appreciated. Please also feel free share the link with people who might be interested. Thank you all.



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