(4) Ballet Topics in the Mainstream

Posted by on 07.11.2016

This week, hosts Rebecca King and Michael Sean Breeden of Miami City Ballet discuss ballet topics that have been making news, including Misty Copeland, women in choreography, and Pennsylvania Ballet’s transition to new leadership.


  1. I really want to listen to these podcasts, but the sound quality is a real obstacle. This particular episode was an issue…Michael’s voice was so distant/soft/full of static that I couldn’t hear except on headphones and then had to keep a finger on the volume to turn WAY up when Michael was speaking and way down when Rebecca was speaking. I gave up about 5 minutes in 🙂

    This is such a great idea, it just needs a little tech tweaking.

    • Kaija- I appreciate you letting us know! We have been having issues with sound quality, but have made adjustments for future episodes. Unfortunately, achieving great sound quality requires good equipment which is expensive. As we are starting out, we are doing this all on the cheap. We are glad for your input and hope you stick in there! Next week will be much better! We are learning as we go and are committed to improving quality with each episode.

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