Vail Festival Forum Bonus Content: Damian Woetzel and Claudia Schreier

Posted by on 08.09.2018

Join us for another live Festival Forum panel discussion with Damian Woetzel and Claudia Schreier.  Damian Woetzel is the Artistic Director of The Vail Dance Festival and Claudia Schreier is back creating work at the festival for a third time.  We talk about Damian’s beginnings at the festival and how he developed it’s mission.  We talk with Claudia about her roots in the Vail Dance Festival as a young intern that grew into a burgeoning career as a choreographer noticed by major companies and critics alike.  (Note: This episode was recorded on August 5th, 2018.)

Photo: Dandara Veiga and Chris Bloom in “Contra” at the 2018 Vail Dance Festival.  Choreography by Claudia Schreier.  Photo by Erin Baiano

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  1. I so agree. The fact she continues with events at the pace she has in recent weeks is amazing. Yes she has help, but she still has two little ones at home both attending school and another one almost here. The fact we have anything to comment on at all is amazing to me especially considering the bumpy start she had, third time running. She continues to show her commitment to her role and I so applaud her for that. I think the dress is great and demonstrates how a modern royal dresses. Repeats are just fine regardless of timeline or situation.


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