(258) Shaunna Vella and Andrew Pearson on St. Mary’s College’s LEAP Program

Posted by on 11.01.2021

Today on the podcast, we check in with our friends at St. Mary’s College’s LEAP Program. We last heard about LEAP from the program’s Associate Director, Stephanie Miller, in episode 170 from January of 2020. When we spoke with her right before the pandemic, the program was working on launching an online program. Since then, the program has expanded exponentially to reach more dancers throughout the country. Today we talk with Shaunna Vella, LEAP Program Director, and Andrew Pearson, Program Coordinator, Online. We hear about how the program works, how it is growing and shifting, and how interested dancers can inquire and apply. For more information, visit stmarys-ca.edu/leap.


We hope you will join our friends at BalletCollective for a very special 10th anniversary celebration performance. Their performances at Bohemian National Hall in New York City are already sold out, but on Tuesday, November 2nd, you can enjoy the show via livestream at 7:30pm Eastern, 4:20pm Pacific. For the first time ever, the 14 dancers for BalletCollective will be taken from both the ranks of the New York City Ballet and the Martha Graham Dance Company, a rare collaboration between artists from two of the most respected dance organizations in the world. Dancers involved include friends of the pod, Daniel Applebaum, Jovani Furlan, Megan LeCrone, Marzia Memoli, Mira Nadon, Leslie Andrea Williams, and more! Plus, our very own COD co-host, Michael Sean Breeden has been working with BalletCollective on this evening of dance in a repertory director role. So don’t miss it! Stream information available at balletcollective.com/live.


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