(330) Ragamala Dance Company in ‘Fires of Varanasi’ with Performing Arts Houston

Posted by on 02.28.2023

Today we are thrilled to welcome back to the pod, the ladies of Ragamala Dance Company. Today we talk with company’s founder and co-artistic director, Ranee Ramaswamy, and her daughter, co-artistic director Aparna Ramaswamy. We first had Ranee and Aparna on the podcast about a year ago, with Aparna’s sister, Ashwini, in episode 275. If you haven’t heard that episode yet, we hope you will go back and tune in to hear more about the trio’s origin in dance and about the founding of Ragamala Dance Company.

Ranne and Aparna join us today to talk about ‘Fires of Varanasi,’ the show that they have been touring for the last year. For our listeners in the Houston area, don’t miss Ragamala Dance Company in ‘Fires of Varanasi’ March 10th with Performing Arts Houston. For tickets and more information, visit performingartshouston.org.

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