The Importance Of The Right Barre Spot.

Posted by on 05.19.2011

One of my teachers would tell me that it is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and radiate positive energy.  This is a lesson that has not only proven true for me, but is a rule I live by.  Every morning ballet dancers step into the studio for class, starting with exercises at the barre.  You hear many stories about dancers being particular about where they stand at barre.  Here is why I am.

At Miami City Ballet, when we are in the studios, we stand in specific places, and when we are in the theater, the orientation of the barres change, thus changing where we stand.  I enjoy my spot in the studio, as I am in the center of the room, I can see myself in the mirror, and stand by good friends.  Being more exposed to the teacher encourages me to work harder.  By being able to see myself in the mirror and I am able to correct my placement as I perform the exercises given.


Taking class from Edward Villella in West Palm Beach

I particularly enjoy my barre spot in the theater.  While on stage, when I have my left hand on the barre, working my right side, I am looking directly into the house.  I am at the edge of the stage and gaze into the sea of seats that will soon be filled with thousands of spectators.  Though this may seem nerve wracking, to me it is calming.  From my first plie in the morning, I am performing for the seats in the house.  This allows me to become comfortable with the view from the stage.

As I change to the other side, I make sure to place my hand in the right spot as not to ruin Principal Dancer Tricia Albertson’s focus.  I love standing next to her; she is such a beautiful dancer. It inspires me to see her working on her perfect technique every morning as she prepares for a performance.  When I have my right hand on the barre, I am facing the back-drop, but more importantly, I am now standing behind Principal Dancer, Patricia Delgado.  I love her wonderful sense of focus and the energy she radiates.   She is so cool and calm in the mornings, no matter what role she will be tackling that day. The energy of these dancers is just what I need to start my day.  I can only hope that I add something to the atmosphere!
Surrounding yourself with the right people make all the difference.  Being around people who encourage and inspire you is essential.    It makes a huge difference in your class experience.  And who doesn’t want to stand around beautiful talented dancers?  I am hoping that someday, some of their talent will rub off on me.  One can only hope.


  1. I love this post! I usually get placed as barre anchor, so I don’t really chose my spot. But I do recognize that even at my beginning adult level classes, this is a huge compliment – and a responsibility. I can only imagine how intense having class on stage must be, gratifying but sort of BIG as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • That is a huge compliment and honor! There is something so soothing and wonderful about taking class onstage. It is a completely different dynamic, which is always just what you need before a show. I don’t think I would like to take class in a studio before performances.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Christopher-

    I know what you mean about grabbing a good spot in the studio. We always scramble to get the ones that have become free at the beginning of each season. It is like the spots are passed down through the generations 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Such a good post! and great point! Whenever I'm taking class on stage, i also like to stand in the front, and i work on projected my energy to the last row. 🙂

    In the studio… i got here (to LAB) late so I have a spot that's kinda janky, but I LOVE it! lol far away from the Mirrors, but i am see EVERYONE! lol

  4. Johanna-

    Thanks for the comment! Recreational, student, or professional, we all like to make ourselves feel good while at barre. Whether it is looking into the mirror in the right way to see mistakes we make, or standing by people that encourage us, we all find a barre spot important!

    Enjoy those TENDUS in the perfect spot 🙂

  5. I love this post!

    Even though I´m just a recreational dancer, I have my barre spot preferences as well 🙂 In my Friday class I like to stand closest to the teacher´s spot (even though she is constantly on the move). It makes me focus even harder. And I love to see her fabulous demonstrations up close!

    I also get to face the mirror on my left side, so I can self-correct certain habitual mistakes. On the right side I´m usually behind one or another hard-working and talented girl, and we do cheer each other on!

    Then again, I do like to switch it up in other classes, as not to get too emotionally attached to a specific spot. Sometimes you get a fresh kick from a new place at the barre 🙂

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