(176) Veyette Virtual Ballet School is exactly what you need right now

Posted by on 03.17.2020

In light of the impact that the Coronavirus is having on the arts community, not to mention the world, we are shining some light on one of the ways that you can stay in shape during these times of social distancing. Today we are talking with friends of the pod, Francis Veyette and Lauren Fadeley Veyette, founders of Veyette Virtual Ballet School. We catch up with them to hear about their personalized virtual training, coaching, and mentorship programs. They tell us about new offerings that they are putting together in order to serve the demand within the dance community during this time. If you are looking for ways to keep dancing during this quarantine, you will definitely want to hear more about what Fran and Lauren are doing.

Listen to our first episode with Fran in episode 28 and Lauren in episode 30. Get in touch with them through their website: veyettevirtualballetschool.com.

This episode is brought to you by Yumiko (yumiko.com).

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