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Interview With Matthew Diamond: Part II

Posted by on 10.01.2010

I am so excited to bring you the second installment of my interview with Matthew Diamond, the Director of Miami City Ballet’s PBS premier.  Find out more about his work in his own words. What was the biggest challenge you faced during this process? I feel I must get to the same level of proficiency (from my point of view) that the dancers have. Since the company has been steeped in these ballets for years, and I have been at this for just several weeks, the pressure is greatest in playing catch-up. How long will it take you to edit the film and what will that process involve? Three weeks, more or less, with my brilliant editor, Girish Bhargava, whom I...

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Interview With Matthew Diamond: Part I

Posted by on 09.29.2010

I am so pleased to bring you an interview with the man who directed Miami City Ballet’s PBS special “Great Performances: Dance In America”, Matthew Diamond.  Mr. Diamond approached me in the studios after reading my first post about the PBS filming.  He was very interested in it and told me he would be happy to answer any questions that I had.   Not only did he reach out to me, he tried to reach out to all the dancers and get to know them all on a personal level during the time we worked with him.  By the end it seemed that he knew every dancers name.  He would come up on stage in between takes for pep talks during the...

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Be Sure to Watch Miami City Ballet on PBS 10/28/11

Posted by on 10.27.2011

On Friday October 28th at 9:00 pm, Miami City Ballet will be coming into your living room by way of PBS’s Great Performances: Dance in America. (Check your local listings).  For this evening of dance, Miami City Ballet Dances Balanchine and Tharp, the company will showcase a broad range of strengths: precise classical ballet technique in George Balanchine’s Square Dance, contemporary athleticism with Twyla Tharp’s Golden Section, and neo-classical ballet with a western flare in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony. This program was filmed last September, during which I shared my experiences from the filming here on TENDUS.  After the filming...

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PBS Filming Diary: Day Nine of Filming.

Posted by on 09.19.2010

That’s a Wrap! (O.K. well not quite yet, but we sure are getting close!)   It is an hour into the last day of filming for Miami City Ballet’s PBS special, “Great  Performances: Dance In America.” Today the finale of Square Dance is being filmed and  everyone is getting a little antsy! (While everyone was getting ready we were watching  Saturday Night Live videos on Hulu!) So today as a wrap-up post (pun totally intended), I am going to answer a few of the  questions that readers have sent in to me through email and twitter: What is the theme of the program?  I assume it’s not “Balanchine”...

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PBS Filming Diary: Day Seven of Filming

Posted by on 09.17.2010

Good news, there are fabulously delicious cookies out on the catering table today.  It is putting smiles on the faces of the dancers, as we are two and a half hours into day one of Square Dance filming.  Currently they are running first movement for the third time.  After Director Matthew Diamond gets everything he wants on film, he will move on to the Pas De Deux.  We are putting together some cheers here in the warm-up/physical therapy area to keep everyone pumped up.  As long as everyone is still smiling, everything is good!  This is such a hard ballet and doing it this many times is really taxing on everyone. Jeanette Delgado (w/...

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