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George Balanchine: Ballet In Russia.

Posted by on 08.16.2010

Get the book I am reading: “George Balanchine The Ballet Maker” by Robert Gottlieb. Balanchine was born Giorgi Balanchivadze in 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia. His parents wanted him to enter into the Imperial Naval Academy as a child, but his late admission was not accepted, so he applied for the Imperial School of Ballet and Theater, and was subsequently accepted. To supplement his dance education, George also learned to play the piano and would go on to play many other musical instruments, including the violin, French horn, drums, and trumpet. One can assume that this interest in music greatly influenced the musicality of his choreography. Balanchine...

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What Would Balanchine Think?

Posted by on 08.15.2010

The other day before class I was talking with a few other Miami City Ballet dancers (about ballet, of course) and in a joking manner someone suggested that we should have an séance, and talk with Balanchine. How amazing would it be to get direct insight into his creations from the man himself? However, this lighthearted joke got me thinking: What would Balanchine think about how his masterpieces have evolved since his death? Have his original visions been lost in translation, or is he supremely proud of the way his works are being presented today? What would Balanchine think? I remembered that I had bought a book awhile back, but had never gotten around to reading:...

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