Summer Intensives: Auditioning and Choosing the Right Program For You

Posted by on 01.08.2016

Ask any professional dancer about their training and you will find that many of their fondest memories are drawn from summer intensives. For five or six glorious weeks you get to visit a new place, dance all day, and make new life long friends. You experience new teachers, new styles, and new choreography. You find yourself away from the comfort of your home studio and get a taste of a whole different side to the dance world that you may not have known existed. But more importantly you begin to see what the world of professional ballet looks like, and it leaves you wanting more. Why are Summer Intensives so important to ballet training? For most ballet students,...

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Summer Teaching Diaries: Fostering Young Dancers’ Love for Ballet

Posted by on 07.22.2014

Dancers all know that more work is put in offstage than onstage.  The same goes for young people studying ballet.  Though they may not be assigned “homework” as they are in school, education outside the studio is just as important as the education they are receiving at the barre. There are many small dance studios across the country and around the world. Not every aspiring dancer has the great fortune of attending a professional school where the tradition of ballet surrounds them day in and day out. Not every student has access to professional quality performances, showcasing generations of beloved productions. However, in today’s high-tech society,...

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A Book For Every Aspiring Dancer: ‘Girl In Motion’

Posted by on 06.28.2012

Those of you who spend quite a bit of time in the online dance community have probably heard that former Miami City Ballet Dancer, Miriam Wenger-Landis, has just come out with her second novel, Breaking Pointe (which was given it’s name long before the CW television show premiered).  In honor of the release of her second book, Ms. Wenger-Landis has agreed to two interviews for TENDUS, one on each of her publications. Girl in Motion the prequel to Breaking Pointe, follows young aspiring ballet dancer, Anna, as she makes the transition from her home town to the world of competitive ballet schools.  Anna encounters many ups and downs in her two years at the School...

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Celebrate One Year of Tendus.

Posted by on 06.03.2011

As you may have read, June 29th is TENDUS first birthday!  So let’s celebrate!  For this exciting occasion, I wanted to find a way to get my readers involved.  Last Wednesday I posted about my experience with Miami City Ballet School.  A ballet education can be life changing for any young person, whether they pursue a professional career or not.  Just as important is a young person’s access to the performing arts. Each year, Miami City Ballet School, the Company, and Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts put on an annual free performance for young people, appropriately named “Ballet for Young People.”  The “Ballet for Young People” of the...

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The Impact of A Ballet Education.

Posted by on 05.25.2011

When dancers look back on their career, they can always identify one moment that changed everything. For me, that moment came when I moved to Miami. I had just graduated from high school and had recently undergone surgery. I was not yet ready to be released into the real world of professional ballet; I needed more training. I found a school that could not only prepare me for the real world, but found the people who wanted to help do just that. I became a student at Miami City Ballet School. The students in the Advanced Level have two teachers. When I first read the schedule, I was worried that I would become bored without a variety of teachers. I could not have...

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Posted by on 07.29.2010

Congratulations to all the Miami City Ballet summer students for a wonderful performance this afternoon. It is so inspirational to see young, aspiring dancers grow in such a short period of time. Specifically, the Advanced Two girls. I want to thank you all for being such great students and allowing me to participate in your summer education. I could not believe my eyes; you were all so beautiful and have acquired a whole new quality in your dancing. I hope that what you learned from Geta, and your other teachers this summer, will serve you well in your career and in all other aspects of your life. Congratulations again. You should all be so proud of yourselves.

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