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Interview with Breaking Pointe Star, Allison DeBona

Posted by on 06.14.2012

After the popularity of my review on the new CW series, Breaking Pointe, I was put in touch with one of the show’s stars, Allison DeBona.  She left a comment on my review of the show, so I thought I would give her the opportunity to sound off here on TENDUS.  Ms. DeBona dishes on how the show was filmed, her relationship with Rex, her response to critics, and what we can expect in coming episodes.  You won’t want to miss this exclusive interview with Ballet West Demi-Soloist, Allison DeBona: RK: Can you tell us a little bit about your your career and time you have spent with Ballet West. AD: I started at Ballet West in 2007 as an Apprentice. I...

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Ballet’s Television Downfall: Bunheads

Posted by on 06.12.2012

I feel as if I have been a television blogger recently.  It seems that everywhere we look these days, with the click of your remote you will come across another dance show.  These shows do, of course, generate exposure for the dance world and initiate dance based conversations among Americans.  But what are these conversations like?  Are these viewers saying, “Wow.  I think I am going to go see my local ballet company perform this weekend!”  I doubt it: but that should be the goal.  Today, America is talking about Bunheads. As you have all probably seen, last week I posted my thoughts on the new CW reality show, Breaking Pointe, following the lives of...

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The Ballet World Exposed Through Reality TV: Breaking Pointe

Posted by on 06.08.2012

In the age of reality TV, producers and networks are on a constant lookout for the next big hit.  America is hooked on this form of entertainment; be it a show documenting the events of a house full of  strangers who love to party or cameras following the lives of the extremely wealthy.  Last week the CW welcomed a show that is offering viewers a behind the scenes view of something that is actually compelling, the world of ballet. Breaking Pointe is a new reality show that chronicles the lives of seven Ballet West dancers.  Based out of Salt Lake City, Ballet West is directed by Adam Sklute, a former dancer and former Associate Director of the Joffrey Ballet.  We...

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“Dance Moms: Miami” Episode Two: Camaraderie

Posted by on 04.12.2012

The second episode of the new series, “Dance Moms: Miami” brought, as you guess it, more drama.  Yes, I watched week two…But am I hooked?  No, I just feel the need to update you, dear reader, on my thoughts about one of America’s most popular shows.  I can stop watching anytime I want… I swear. This week, the mothers were shown placing even more pressure on their young dancers.  We saw a tearful exchange between Jessi and mom, Susan. Susan told her daughter how disappointed she was that she landed at the bottom of the studio directors’ weekly evaluation, or “the list,” telling her daughter to work harder, saying, “You owe me...

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‘Dance Moms: Miami’ Series Premier Review

Posted by on 04.06.2012

On Tuesday April 3, “Dance Moms: Miami” premiered as a sequel to the now infamous Lifetime reality show “Dance Moms.”  I had only seen the original show in bits and pieces, so when I heard a new Miami based series was going to be starting up, I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. I would like to preface my observations by admitting my addiction to mindless reality shows; yes, I watch the Real Housewives and shows of the like.  So today when I pressed play and delved into “Dance Moms: Miami’s” first episode, I worried that I may find myself with another guilty pleasure show. Taking place in, you guessed it, Miami, this new series...

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Black Swan: The Right Attention for the Ballet World?

Posted by on 12.20.2010

The long anticipated Darren Aronofky thriller, “Black Swan” finally opened everywhere Friday.  I can now say that I have experienced this film in all of it’s glory.  In anticipation, I talked with the Miami City Ballet dancers who had already seen the movie.  Surprisingly, I would say that everyone’s opinion was split down the middle.  But here is how I see it. Natalie Portman as the White Swan. Natalie Portman gives a stunning performance playing a young dancer, Nina Sayers, who is cast as the Swan Queen in a new production of Swan Lake.  The New York City based company’s director, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) clearly loves...

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