Dancer’s Career Transition

Ballerina Turned Businesswoman: Pointebrush

Posted by on 07.01.2016

If you are not following @Pointebrush on Instagram, you are really missing out.  Meet Margot, a designer and dancer out of NYC, who is re-imagining ballet every day on social media.  After starting her own design business, Margot decided to start Pointebrush as a side project and outlet to hone her skills as an illustrator and painter.  Now she has grown this project into a full blown business.  You can buy her prints or even phone cases, silk scarves, or leggings with her unique designs. I caught up with Margot to learn a little more about her work and her story:     ___________________________________________   Rebecca King: Tell us about your...

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Making it on Broadway: Sara Esty of Tony Award Winning Show, ‘An American In Paris’

Posted by on 06.12.2016

There comes a time in the life of every professional ballet dancer where they face a fork in the road.  As the end of their ballet career nears, they must decide what comes next.  For former Miami City Ballet Soloist Sara Esty, Broadway called, and she answered.  As part of the original “An American in Paris” Broadway’s cast, she is now headlining the national tour as the show’s lead woman, “Lise.”  I spoke with her about her journey from the world of professional ballet, into a whole new realm of theater. ______________________________________ Rebecca King: First of all, congratulations on your Broadway debut and leading the...

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The Bald Ballerina Uses #TheTurningChallenge to Raise Awareness for Metastic Breast Cancer, and you can help!

Posted by on 07.23.2015

Last summer we met Maggie Kudirka, also known as Social Media’s, Bald Ballerina.  Maggie is a 23 year old ballet dancer, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a year ago.  If you have not seen her Facebook page, or don’t yet follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@BaldBallerina), you really should.  Once diagnosed she quickly decided to turn her journey into something to help others by raising awareness “that anyone can get breast cancer, even a healthy and fit ballet dancer.”  I first connected with Maggie last year, and through this interview I had the opportunity to catch up with...

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Dancer’s Career Transition: Rachael Sage, Singer/Songwriter

Posted by on 09.09.2014

Through TENDUS’ series “Dancer’s Career Transition” my readers have seen numerous stories of past and present dancers chasing new dreams, finding that these individuals are all extremely successful at whatever they put their mind to.  Meet Singer/Songwriter Rachael Sage who grew up training at The School of American Ballet and has now become a well known soulful vocalist and innovative multi-instrumentalist.  She says that ballet helped her along this journey:  “ballet gave me the ability to hyperfocus which is really crucial to any creative process.”  Last week she appeared on the super popular, “Dance Moms” where...

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The Remarkable Story of a Ballerina’s Struggle for Life and Happiness: You, Fascinating You

Posted by on 06.08.2014

There are many stories that touch our lives; many of which are portrayed through moments in history that many of us cannot even fathom.  Take for instance the story of Margit Wolf, a woman with her sights set on becoming a prima ballerina.  As a young woman she left home and travelled across Europe enjoying the thrills of performing.  After meeting her Prince Charming, an Italian songwriter, it became clear that global events would soon change their life.  As a Jewish woman, she would be separated from her son and husband, inspiring her “Maestro” to write the love song, Tu Solamente Tu in 1938.  Twenty-two years would pass before the two were...

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Dancer’s Career Transition: Dancer turned Filmmaker

Posted by on 05.21.2014

I am pleased to introduce former Miami City Ballet Dancer, Ezra Hurwitz as a continued part of my series, “Dancer’s Career Transition.”  After retiring from ballet last year,  Mr. Hurwitz is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia University.  As part of his higher education, he has been taking a film production course at the New School.  I would like to introduce you to his first film, “The Dancer” featuring Gonzalo Garcia.  This short film follows Garcia through his morning routine as a Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet.  I spoke with Mr. Hurwitz about his studies, inspirations, and what’s...

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