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Danseurs Turned Bandmates: 20 Eyes

Posted by on 05.04.2014

When contacted by the Southern California band “20 Eyes,” I was delighted to check out their music video featuring Russian Danseur, Alexey Kulpin.  The video showcases their song “Lost” while following Kulpin through his warm up routine and showcasing his tricks in an empty studio.  I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired these young, hip musicians, to incorporate ballet into their work.  So I asked them about their story.  It is not every day that ballet brings together a rock band: _____________________________________ Rebecca King: Tell us a little bit about your band, “20 Eyes.” Wolf Bradley, lead singer of 20...

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Ballerina Turned Businesswoman: Fusco Knitwear

Posted by on 03.25.2013

If you are a regular TENDUS reader, you have become familiar with the fact that ballet dancers are quite multi-talented.  I have introduced you to Cameron Dieck, New York City Ballet Dancer and  Échauffe™ Legwarmers co-founder, and Emily Bromberg, Miami City Ballet dancer and founder of FancyPants USA. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Pennsylvania Ballet member, Holly Fusco who has a 6 month old company, Fusco Knitwear, providing high-quality customizable knit legwarmers to the ballet community.  Holly’s story behind her products, her creative process, and secrets for time management are not to be...

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Ballerina turned Businesswoman: FancyPants

Posted by on 09.25.2012

A few weeks ago, TENDUS brought you an interview with Échauffe™ Legwarmers co-founder Cameron Dieck.  Today we look into the world of current Miami City Ballet dancer turned business woman, Emily Bromberg, as she discusses her business, FancyPants.  If you haven’t heard of this hot new company, you are going to be so excited about their products.  Founded alongside her mother, Ms. Bromberg hopes to bring inexpensive dance and yoga fashions to her consumers.  Take it from every MCB dancer who now fashions her FancyPants: you won’t want to miss out on these comfortable, trendy, and practical pieces brought to you by real consumers who wanted to make...

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Ballet Dancer turned Businessman: The Story of Échauffe™ Legwarmers

Posted by on 09.05.2012

There is a new product out there on the dance market, and if you were interested in Échauffe™ Legwarmers before, you are certainly going to want a pair after reading this interview with the company’s co-founder and current New York City Ballet dancer, Cameron Dieck.  Cameron tells us about building a company from the ground up while dancing full time, and about the product and quality you can expect from Échauffe.  I for one am completely blown away by what he is accomplishing and am proud to support a fellow ballet dancer who has expanded their horizons and built a business in their spare time. I hope you will join me in supporting Cameron in his new...

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