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The Injured Dancer: The Benefits of Yoga

Posted by on 07.26.2015

Over the course of my injury journey my motto towards healing has been: “I will try anything.” A few weeks ago, when I had some down time from teaching, I decided that I wanted to take a yoga class. When you are injured it is easy to give all of your time and energy to one part of your body, while neglecting the rest. And the rest of my body was working tirelessly to compensate for my injury as I started back to dancing again. So it felt right to treat myself. I have taken yoga many times before, but only practiced regularly when I was in high school. I think this is partly because I have never really been able to find a studio/teacher that made me feel like it was...

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The Bald Ballerina Uses #TheTurningChallenge to Raise Awareness for Metastic Breast Cancer, and you can help!

Posted by on 07.23.2015

Last summer we met Maggie Kudirka, also known as Social Media’s, Bald Ballerina.  Maggie is a 23 year old ballet dancer, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a year ago.  If you have not seen her Facebook page, or don’t yet follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@BaldBallerina), you really should.  Once diagnosed she quickly decided to turn her journey into something to help others by raising awareness “that anyone can get breast cancer, even a healthy and fit ballet dancer.”  I first connected with Maggie last year, and through this interview I had the opportunity to catch up with...

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Social Media Reacts to Misty Copeland’s Promotion To Principal at ABT

Posted by on 07.01.2015

As you probably already know, yesterday American Ballet Theatre announced promotions for their upcoming season and with it came news that Misty Copeland will be ABT’s first African American Principal Dancer.  (Congrats Misty!) Normally news of promotions is huge in the ballet community, but this promotion was different.  Social Media was a buzz yesterday.  Have a look at the news by the numbers: __________________________________________ On June 30th, 2015, “Misty Copeland” was tweeted about over 25,000 times and the term ballet was found in over 27,000 tweets.  (Data courtesy of topsy.com.) In terms of Social Media, it’s not just the...

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Incorporating History into Dance Education

Posted by on 06.25.2015

One of the great things about summer layoff, is that I have the wonderful opportunity to teach and coach the next generation of dancers.  Yesterday I sat down with my students and asked them if they had done the homework I had assigned to them on Monday.  A few hands shot up in the air with excitement.  “OK,” I told them, “Let’s talk about George Balanchine.” We started with his birth in 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia and his death in New York in 1983 at age 79.  I asked them why they thought I had them research George Balanchine. That elicited some quick responses: “Because you want us to understand his style,” and “You wanted us to look up...

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The Injured Dancer: Expectations v. Reality

Posted by on 06.01.2015

A few weeks ago I introduced my readers to the injury I am currently recovering from.  My hope was to offer readers an insight into a very real part of the professional dance world that is not often discussed.  In sports you may see injuries multiple times in a game, by why isn’t it the same when you go to the ballet? It is a sport after all.  Well, the answer is simple.  We can’t show you our pain.  So I decided to show it here. Today was the first official day of Miami City Ballet’s 2015-2016 season.  Due to studio availability, we often work for a short stint in June where we focus on learning new choreography for the upcoming season. This...

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The Injured Dancer

Posted by on 05.06.2015

The ballet stage has a way of creating a fantasy world of perfection:  beautiful men and women adorned in glistening costumes dancing together in perfect unison.  Off-stage it’s a whole different story.  Not only is the road to the illusion of perfection a difficult one, but often comes with setbacks.  This is a story that is often discussed in dance circles, but rarely laid out for the audience: The injured dancer. With only two weekends of performances left in the season, at 5pm on an April afternoon in a rehearsal for the following day’s performance, vacation came early for me.  Amazingly in the moment when a dancer gets injured, the pain is not...

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