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Through a Social Media Movement, the ‘Bald Ballerina’ Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer in Young Women

Posted by on 07.27.2014

Meet Maggie Kudirka.  Some of you may know her from the Social Media movement, Bald Ballerina.  Maggie is a 23 year old ballet dancer, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 2 months ago.  If you have not seen her Facebook page, or don’t yet follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@BaldBallerina), you really should.  You will immediately recognize a strong woman with an amazing spirit about her.  She has quickly decided to turn her journey into something to help others by raising awareness “that anyone can get breast cancer, even a healthy and fit ballet dancer.” This is a story you will want to share with everyone you know.  Maggie, we wish you...

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Summer Teaching Diaries: Fostering Young Dancers’ Love for Ballet

Posted by on 07.22.2014

Dancers all know that more work is put in offstage than onstage.  The same goes for young people studying ballet.  Though they may not be assigned “homework” as they are in school, education outside the studio is just as important as the education they are receiving at the barre. There are many small dance studios across the country and around the world. Not every aspiring dancer has the great fortune of attending a professional school where the tradition of ballet surrounds them day in and day out. Not every student has access to professional quality performances, showcasing generations of beloved productions. However, in today’s high-tech society,...

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A Letter to My Former Ballet Student-Self

Posted by on 07.20.2014

A Letter to My Former Ballet Student-Self: __________________________________________ Dear Rebecca, It has been over 8 years since we have met.  Since then I have become a corps de ballet dancer with an internationally renowned company, toured across the world, had the opportunity to dance many of classical ballet’s most beloved works, and worked with today’s leading choreographers.  How did this happen you ask?  Sometimes I wonder the same thing.  After picking up some teaching gigs this summer, I decided that I would like to send you a note filled with the lessons I have learned, because everything looks different from the front of the studio. First,...

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The Remarkable Story of a Ballerina’s Struggle for Life and Happiness: You, Fascinating You

Posted by on 06.08.2014

There are many stories that touch our lives; many of which are portrayed through moments in history that many of us cannot even fathom.  Take for instance the story of Margit Wolf, a woman with her sights set on becoming a prima ballerina.  As a young woman she left home and travelled across Europe enjoying the thrills of performing.  After meeting her Prince Charming, an Italian songwriter, it became clear that global events would soon change their life.  As a Jewish woman, she would be separated from her son and husband, inspiring her “Maestro” to write the love song, Tu Solamente Tu in 1938.  Twenty-two years would pass before the two were...

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Danseurs Turned Bandmates: 20 Eyes

Posted by on 05.04.2014

When contacted by the Southern California band “20 Eyes,” I was delighted to check out their music video featuring Russian Danseur, Alexey Kulpin.  The video showcases their song “Lost” while following Kulpin through his warm up routine and showcasing his tricks in an empty studio.  I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired these young, hip musicians, to incorporate ballet into their work.  So I asked them about their story.  It is not every day that ballet brings together a rock band: _____________________________________ Rebecca King: Tell us a little bit about your band, “20 Eyes.” Wolf Bradley, lead singer of 20...

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Poetic Fusion: Ballet + Poetry

Posted by on 04.09.2013

Meet local Miami artists as they come together to create poetic fusion.  Ballet meets poetry in Miami this Friday April 12th, at the LAB Miami at 8pm.Check out this video I produced to promote the event featuring Miami City Ballet dancers and choreography by Adriana Pierce.A promotional video for for an evening of Poetic Fusion on April 12 at 8 pm at the LAB Miami. As a part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, “Poetry + Ballet” will feature poet Barbara Lisette Anderson and choreography by Adriana Pierce. Leigh-Ann Esty, Sara Esty, and Nicole Stalker, dancers from the Miami City Ballet, will be performing works inspired by Anderson’s poetry.Join us for...

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