Fanfare’s Premier.

Posted by on 10.26.2010

My final blog post for Miami City Ballet’s series on the company’s premier of Fanfare has finally arrived.  Below is the footage that I took to bring you behind the curtain of our exciting opening weekend and to celebrate the return of the Opus One Orchestra.


  1. I do, I am a violin, and I was recording in costume. The company gives me a Flip camera to run around with all weekend and get them some fun footage. We were not performing to a live orchestra due to lack of funding these past two years. So we are so glad to have them back and to celebrate their return with this fun ballet!

  2. Rebecca, do you have a role in this piece? I was just wondering if you are recording in costume? What are you using to record these scenes? I asked via Twitter where the orchestra has been, but didn't see if you answered that yet. That has to be a very cool feeling to dance to live music. I know I could feel the music at the performance of Dracula that I attended.

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