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Posted by on 11.16.2010

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting three generations of ballet lovers who came to the Saturday matinee in Ft. Lauderdale: mother, daughter, and granddaughter.  These three women have a true love for ballet that is so wonderful to see in audience members.  They told me they have season tickets to Miami City Ballet’s season in Naples, FL.  Due to scheduling conflicts, they are unable to attend our Nutcracker performances when we are there the weekend after Thanksgiving.  But not to worry, their seats will not go unfilled.  They have given their tickets to a couple from Zimbabwe who have never been to the ballet before.   Not only is this gesture generous, but the best part is how excited these lovely ladies are to bring the joy of ballet into someone’s life.

(c) Miami City Ballet

Lovers of ballet, are the people who keep ballet companies alive.  These are the people who fill the audience; applauding, cheering, and appreciating the beauty being presented to them on stage.  Not everyone has had the good fortune to have been introduced to ballet as a child and that is why we rely on people like these women to help spread the word.

So in the spirit of their generosity, I invite you to follow in their footsteps.  The holidays are upon us, as a gift, invite someone to the ballet.  Help bring the arts into someone’s life, and help support the artists and companies that make these performances happen.  Please feel free to return and post a comment describing your experiences, as you help me spread the joy of ballet this holiday season.


  1. Dearest Rebecca, So proud of you for this wonderful blog. You have endless talent as a dancer and a writer. It's wonderful to see how you have grown into a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Wishing you a Happy Holiday. "Miss Mary" Cooper Harkin aka Ballet Teacher at Contra Costa Ballet Centre

  2. I agree! Thank you for helping to spread the word, I think that counts as a bit of a campaign!

  3. Good for you Bex. There should be more of this, especially at this time of year. But I know that times are hard. Would be easier if the ballet companies started up such initiatives ESP with easy entry ballets like Nutcracker at Christmas. Perhaps we need a campaign!!

  4. You all are great! Christian, that surely counts as a great way to spread the joy of ballet! I am sure you have wonderful videos! Rlcsurf, bringing your soccer team would be great! Let me know if they all make it! Merde with the Sugar pas!

  5. It is the dancers who bring the joy to the stage and to the audience! Thank you all! dla

  6. My nieces will be performing in The Nutcracker and I'm trying to get my soccer team to attend. We've been doing a Sugar Plum Fairy pas de deux in class and by the end of class I almost had a clue about what I was supposed to do. but just barely. I am always amazed at how quickly the girls pick up the new choreography. and when we watch a video to learn everything is backwards so I really get confused. I'm waiting for when I can actually hear the music and know what steps to do rather than doing it by rote. but I have a feeling I'll be waiting a long time for that Rebecca.

  7. How about strategically placing my little laptop in a my workplace with non-stopping ballet clips, or hosting a "ballet movie night" at a friend's house…? The former made a coworker so interested that he was in the audience during the Sunday matinee in Miami, and the latter has done wonders in my friend. Now he wants to go see Vishneva's Giselle in NYC…!! 😉

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