I Hate Ballet.

Posted by on 06.09.2016

I hate ballet.

I hate the way it consumes my mind, but don’t know what my mind would do without the thoughts it provokes.

I hate the blisters, but find so much joy in a brand new pair of pointe shoes.

I hate working weekends, but love the sound of applause.

I hate wearing costumes, but love feeling like a princess.

I hate all the rehearsals, but love being onstage.

I hate being stuck in the theater all day, but treasure the process of preparing for a show.

I hate feeling nervous, but am lucky to dance roles that make me nervous.

I hate getting corrections, but I like the feeling of triumph once I experience improvement.

I hate having to push through fatigue, but feel grateful to be asked to dance to the point of exhaustion.

I hate the feeling of failure, but know it will someday lead to success.

I hate how I have to think about what I eat, but love how I feel when I eat healthy food that fuels my dancing.

I hate judging myself in the mirror, but I love a new leo.

I hate the anxiety, but, wine!

I hate the pain, but everyday of dancing is a gift.


Anything worth doing is difficult. Ballet is not for the faint of heart. It comes with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. Passion has to be the driving force; a passion for the art form, a passion for bettering yourself, and a passion for every step you take. Every dancer agrees that there are certain things about ballet that they hate, but the love overcomes it all. In the end the love and passion is what keeps us going. For all its difficulties, I could not imagine my life without the blessings that ballet has offered me.


I truly love ballet.

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Balanchine’s “Allegro Brillante.” Photo by Julian Duque.


  1. I remember feeling that way too, Rebecca. And then when I “retired”, I loved having all the free time. No more daily classes, no more rehearsals but lots of regret…. was it too soon?
    The emotions of an artist are complex 🙂

    • So complex! Thanks for sharing Sarah 🙂

  2. Dear Priyana
    What you have said is the true life story of a ballerina
    Life for her is always a challenge , Every performance is a test of her
    character. The act of Ballerina is complex
    To be applauded one needs to be perfect in each and every act

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