(293) Ingrid Silva, Dance Theatre of Harlem Ballerina

Posted by on 06.21.2022

On today’s episode of ‘Conversations On Dance’ we are joined by Dance Theatre Of Harlem ballerina, Ingrid Silva. Ingrid has been breaking barriers and gaining industry wide attention since she first joined Dance Theatre Of Harlem for the company’s revival in 2013. We talk about her leap of faith in leaving her home country of Brazil, the impact that Arthur Mitchell had on her early career, and her experience being a new mother while keeping up with DTH’s demanding touring and performing schedule.

This episode was recorded as a part of Dance Theatre of Harlem’s “Sunday Matinee” virtual series.  An abbreviated version of this interview appeared in this virtual performance, accompanied by beautiful photos and video clips.  To watch that portion of this interview, plus the programming we discuss in this episode, click here: https://youtu.be/fObNVpRJfkk.


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