(136) Jennifer Garner

Posted by on 05.06.2019

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Actress, Golden Globe Award Winner, and bunhead, Jennifer Garner to the Conversations on Dance podcast.  While she doesn’t need an introduction, what you might be fascinated to learn, like we were, is that her love for ballet runs deep and started at a young age.  As a girl, she took ballet all through high school, only stopping once she got to college and turned her focus to other things.  She has remained a lover of ballet, and since she has taken to Instagram with this love, she is using her platform to spread the word about ballet far and wide.  We talk with Jennifer about how dance really sparked her interest in performing and acting, how ballet shaped her into who she is today, and she reveals that she truly is a bunhead in every sense of the word.  

This episode is sponsored by Yumiko and The Lake Tahoe Dance Festival



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