Kicking off Week 3 in Paris.

Posted by on 07.19.2011

Today marks the first day of Miami City Ballet’s third and last week in Paris. What a whirlwind it has been thus far. Standing ovations, numerous curtain calls, and amazing ballets: we are so lucky.

Last week brought the end for some ballets and the Paris premier of others. On Tuesday evening Paul Taylor’s Promethean Fire and George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations stepped out on stage. The audience was swept away by Promethean just as they were when we premiered the ballet in Miami last February. Jerome Robbin’s In The Night was also met with rousing applause when it premiered on Thursday night. What a performance it was for all the dancers involved. I just adore this piece. I am always in the wings to watch it, especially the third pas de deux: Jeanette Delgado brought me to tears on Thursday night, as she has done so many times before in that ballet. Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs met the Châtelet audience on Friday night to their delight. This work is always a hit and such a pleasant experience.

The view of the house from the stage.

We bid farewell to our leotard ballets this week; The Four Temperaments and Symphony in 3 Movements. Along with La Valse’s departure, our ponytail ballets have also been put to rest for this tour. This week there is still more to come. Two Ballet Imperials, three more Nine Sinatra Songs, two Theme and Variations, two Western Symphonys, one Square Dance, and so much more. Even though we are creeping up on the end of this adventure, there is still so much more to experience.

As I think about our last show on the Châtelet stage, I can’t even imagine what we will be feeling. I know that a huge sense of accomplishment will settle over us, but emotions will be high. This will be an end of an era for us, but the beginning of a whole new chapter.


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