(316) Lauryn Johnson: uncovering gems of New York City Ballet history

Posted by on 11.29.2022

You know her as @laurynjohnson20 on Instagram. On today’s episode of ‘Conversations On Dance’, our guest is Lauryn Johnson, a dancer and New York City Ballet usher who has captivated the dance world with her documentation of historic NYCB photography via her social media. We talk to Lauryn about how she fell in love with the company, grew her collection of dance books to nearly 1,000, where she sources her incredible images of the Balanchine era and her brand new merchandise line of ornaments and sweatshirts. To view Lauryn’s curation of classic NYCB images, follow her on instagram at @laurynjohnson20. To purchase from her merchandise line, go to lauryn-johnson.com and use our special listener code ‘COD10’ for 10% off. 

This episode’s sponsor:

The Bard College Dance Program, located 90 miles north of New York City in the Hudson Valley and housed in the Frank Gehry designed Fisher Center, sees the pursuit of artistry and intellect as a single endeavor and the study of the body as a cognitive act, demanding both physical practice and exploration of the broader academic contexts in which the art form exists. Through intensive technique and composition courses, onstage performance, and production experience, dance students are prepared to understand and practice the art of choreography and performance. Since 2009, the Bard Dance Program has hosted an in-residence dance company or performing arts organization bringing professional technique and composition to the academic program in the form of teaching, educational licensing projects, master classes, full-Company production residencies, and public performances. Past partnerships have included Bill T Jones Dance Company, Trisha Brown Dance Company, American Dance Festival, and Gibney Dance. For more information please contact Program Director, Tara Lorenzen tlorenzen@bard.edu.



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