Masterpieces From Two Perspectives: Twyla Tharp’s In The Upper Room

Posted by on 11.06.2011

To celebrate Twyla Tharp’s In The Upper Room, I spoke with Miami City Ballet Principal dancers Patricia and Jeanette Delgado about dancing Twyla Tharp’s In The Upper Room. Patricia is a part of Upper Room’s “Ballet People” and Jeanette is a “Stomper”. In this video blog produced for Miami City Ballet, the girls chat about how they see this ballet from their different experiences.

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  1. I love Twyla Tharp!

  2. your blog is beautiful…you feature ballet in a perfect way!

  3. I am really enjoying your new video features and Jeanette and Patricia are perfect dancers to showcase in this format: joyous, personable, energetic and genuine. They represent MCB beautifully. Great job Rebecca!

  4. Dear R.—-When I first witnessed rehearsals for “In The Upper Room,” I recall that at the conclusion of the piece all the dancers were lying flat on their backs on the studio floor attempting to replenish their oxygen deficits!—I was astonished, not only by the energy of the dance, but the exhaustion I saw in these young Artists. I immediately decided that at other rehearsals, I would leave bottles of water around the studio for the Dancers so they might recoup the two or three pounds of water Twyla had extracted from them!—I saw you guys do the work in Paris on Night#2. It brought the audience—this sophisticated Parisian crowd to their feet!—What excitement!—I love the Delgado Sisters, both as Artists and as People. It is a rare day when they appear without genuine smiles on their lovely faces. Though they resemble each other physically, they are entirely different as Dancers, and I say–“Vive la difference!”—As Always, Richard

    • Richard-

      “In The Upper Room” is so difficult for the dancers! You know first hand. That first time they danced it in Paris was very special. They just loved it!

      I love the Delgados too. They are indeed wonderful people as well as gorgeous dancers!

  5. Great video and blog! It is always fun as a dancer to see your opposite from across the stage. Great stage moments!

  6. Thank you Rebecca! Jeanette and Patricia are so cute. Their smiles and energy is infectious.

    • I agree. I adore those girls. Not only are they gorgeous dancers, they are wonderful people. (It is easy to tell from the video, right?)

      Thanks for the comment.

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