Masterpieces: Passing On George Balanchine’s Square Dance

Posted by on 10.25.2011

Introducing a new TENDUS video series: Masterpieces From Two Perspectives. For the first installment, I talked with Miami City Ballet dancers Adriana Pierce and Zoe Zien about their experiences with George Balanchine’s Square Dance.




  1. I love ballet but whenever I try to mention it to my parents they change the subject to school or soccer. I try to tell them that I am very passionate about dance but my family thinks that I cannot make a living out of dance. Can someone please give me some advice as to what to do I dont want my life to just pass by.

    • A lot of dancers run into this problem. Have you shown them that people can make a career out of dance? They may just be unfamiliar with the fact that it is a profession that can be fulfilling and that you can be successful at!

    • Sabrina,

      I have responded to this comment with a post. Thank you again for submitting this comment. Wishing you all the best in your future.

  2. I am glad that you are starting to create videos to add to your website

    • Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying them. I have been having a wonderful time with these new projects! Look out for my new video blog to be posts on Miami City Ballet’s blog the first week in December.

  3. Geat job! Love it!

    • Thank you Roberto!

  4. Love this post & all your others! They are must reads:)

    • Thank you Lisa! I truly appreciate your support!

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