New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski Gives Ballet a Try

Posted by on 05.17.2016

Ballet continues to make it’s way into the mainstream.  Today’s tidbit is brought to you by Miami City Ballet dancer Nathalia Arja, who caught up with NFL superstar, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots when he was in Miami.  Ms. Arja gives his a little ballet tutorial then tests his skills at the end.

Check out the adorable video below which hit GQ and The Scene today.  It’s harder than it looks, huh Gronk?


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  1. I enjoyed this video a lot and think it a smart way to continue to raise ballet’s public profile. However, I also wonder whether the ongoing attempts to establish parallelism between professional sports and professional ballet could harm ballet.

    When I interviewed Jennifer Kronenberg last year we discussed the athleticism of ballet ( Are dancers athletic? Certainly – to the nth. Are they professional athletes? No, they are professional artists. Could the perception of dancers as athletes undermine their perception as artists – certainly. This was a point that Simone Messmer spoke to in a section of an interview that has not yet been published but I hope to see come out next month (July 2016).
    Is the parallel between professional sports and professional ballet even accurate? One big difference – the systematic, rule-driven competition at the heart of professional sports is not present in ballet at the company level. Of course, in order to catch someone’s eye through advertising the parallelism doesn’t need to be accurate or logical.

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