Opening Weekend Wrap Up.

Posted by on 10.19.2010

MCB dancers in Theme and Variations

Ballet dancers are constantly pursuing perfection. In class we work on perfecting our technique. In rehearsals we work on perfecting the choreography. During breaks we work on perfecting our bodies. What does all this striving for perfection lead to? The stage. The ultimate moment we all strive for is when that curtain rises and the audience gasps with excitement upon viewing the brightly lit scene before them. Performances are a dancer’s reward!

This past weekend kicked off Miami City Ballet’s 25th anniversary season. The company hasn’t been on stage since April, so this was such a welcome change of scenery. These performances were something we had been looking forward to since we stepped off the stage last season. Performing is possibly my favorite thing… well, ever. I get this ridiculous high from performing. And because I am so full of adrenaline, I always end up staying up way too late after a show. (Which makes our Monday day-off a much needed opportunity to catch up on some sleep.)

After returning to the theater for rehearsals on Thursday, we were ready for opening night. Founding Artistic Director Edward Villella stepped out in front of the curtain on Friday at 8 o’clock to thank the audience and all his associates who contributed towards making his dream of creating a nationally acclaimed company possible. He said, “We have performed in the largest cities all across the country, but there is nothing like home.”

MCB dancers in Bugaku.

As he exited, the curtain rose on MCB board president, Ana-Marie Codina Barlick who introduced Toby Lerner Ansin, the woman who worked with Mr. Villella to found the company 25 years ago. As she walked out on stage in her stunning dress, Ms. Barlick introduced former Miami City Ballet dancers, who, one by one, entered the stage and offered Ms. Ansin a single rose. Among these former dancers were a handful of founding members and one of our ballet mistresses, Joan Latham.

After Ms. Ansin’s speech and the re-introduction of the Opus One Orchestra, the curtain rose on a group of excited Miami City Ballet dancers. As the orchestra played the first movement of Fanfare, the dancers responded accordingly. Everyone could feel the energy radiating from each person on stage, as the notes coming from the pit filled the void that had been left in their absence. We are back in full to celebrate 25 great years.

As the evening continued with a gorgeous Bugaku and a precise Theme and Variations, the audience leapt to their feet to show their appreciation. The whole weekend continued on in this fashion making for another successful run at the Arsht Center For the Performing Arts.

Miami is home, and we felt the love from our fans all weekend. And even though we will not appear on the stage again until November 12th in Fort Lauderdale, we are already anticipating every moment.

Read more about Fanfare in my second contribution to the MCB blog.

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