Paris, July 4

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July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July to the United States of America! It was so bizarre to feel disconnected from this important American holiday this year. We celebrated in a much different way than I ever have before.

Today, we trucked all over the city! Thank goodness for our one month Metro passes provided to us by the presenters at the Châtelet. We began our day at Montmartre, a town in the West most section of the city. Monmartre is known for attracting painters and writers. We strolled the streets appreciating the art being presented by different art vendors. This town is also home to the Basilique Sacré Coeur, or Sacred Heart Basilica. We toured the church then walked up 300 steps to experience the view from the dome at the top of the structure. This view is known to be one of the best in all of Paris. It is said that you can see 30km on a clear day, and what a clear day we had. It was a perfect day with a lovely crisp breeze. We could see the Eiffel tour, the Siene… we could see everything! It was simply spectacular, and worth the trek up and down the hundreds of steps.





Next, we took the metro across town in search of the Eiffel Tour. When we transferred to another Metro line, we realized that we were right beneath the Arc de Triomphe. We took the underground passageway to reach the spectacular monument. This structure was on a scale that I could never have imagined. After taking some time to appreciate the view, we continued our travels to the Eiffel Tower. We did not make it up to the top today, but just sat in the park and appreciated the view. That was the moment when it really sunk in; we are in Paris!





Dear U.S. of A, I missed you today, but next year I will celebrate your glory in a more American way. But until then, Bon Nuit.

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  1. Fabulous blog entries!o) Soo jealous! Plz write about adjustment to raked stages. Merde4performance! Post lotsa pix! Aloha, @SirDanGuy

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