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Posted by on 11.07.2016

A few weeks ago, on our podcast, Conversations on Dance, we had an illuminating chat with Ballet West First Soloist, Allison DeBona.  She talked about all of the amazing smaller companies that can be found around the country.  They are doing great things, but often money can be a huge issue for them.  PDX Contemporary Ballet in Portland is just one example.

PDX Contemporary Ballet has been fundraising to help raise money to pay for rehearsal space.   Their Indiegogo campaign has ended and they reached 43% of the goal. They did have a match for a $1,000 and we were able to meet our match.  The company is continuing to accept donations through their website- http://www.pdxcb.com/donate/. They are hoping to raise the remainder of the money through the website.

I recently caught up with PDX dancer Abigail Parker, to find out more about the company and what your donation goes to support.


Abigail Parker, PDX contemporary ballet, portland ballet, portland dance, portland dancer,Rebecca King: Can you tell us a little bit about PDX?

Abbigail Parker: PDX Contemporary Ballet was formed from the remnants of the collapsed Moxie Contemporary Ballet. Artistic Director, Briley Neugebauer, envisioned a company that would expand the horizons of dance by creating collaborative performances that fascinate, captivate and inspire. PDX Contemporary Ballet wants to empower dancers for who they are and give them a platform for their specific personalities and talents.


RK: What is the vision behind this company?

AP: Our vision is to create a company that gives dancers a healthy working environment as well as bringing a new kind of dance to the Portland community. Our complete vision statement can be found on our website as well.


RK: What has brought the organization to this point?

AP: The combined efforts and donated time/ resources of the board, dancers, and the community at large has brought PDX Contemporary Ballet to a point where we are an official 501(c)(3) and recognized by the state of Oregon. We plan to continue to grow and expand. All of our time and work is on volunteer basis.


RK: How can people help support the company and encourage the dancers?

AP: When it comes to support of the company- every little bit helps. Whether it’s a like or follow on social media or a donation on the website- we appreciate any support. We are eager to continue spreading the word about the company and increasing awareness of our organization. Our biggest need right now is making sure we have enough funds to continue having a space to rehearse.


RK: Anything else you would like to add or communicate to my readers?

AP: PDX CB just finished our first show of the season. The show was unique in that it was performed in the round (where the audience could view the show from all sides). With one successful show behind us, we are looking forward to our February production “Interlude.” We will be releasing our advertisements for this show in just a few weeks and updates will be posted on our website and social media.


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