Pile Up.

Posted by on 10.25.2010

So as we continue with Paul Taylor’s Promethean Fire, we continue to do things that we have never done before.  On Saturday, we learned what is essentially the final pose of the first section, which kind of reminds me of a pile up of players in a football game.  But as you will see, each person is positioned in a very specific way, intertwining with each other.
Keep in mind, it was about 5:45 on a Saturday afternoon, after a long work week, and the people underneath had been there for awhile.  

As you view this, you may think it is strange and wonder why we would ever be doing that, so I invite you to watch the YouTube video below.  Here you will find the first movement of this piece as danced by Paul Taylor’s dancers, with Patrick Corbin as the principal man.  This ballet is dark and was choreographed shortly after September 11th.  This moment creates, at least for me, an image of destruction, with hope rising from the ashes. 

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  1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing. That last big shoulder lift looks very grueling and it seemed they had them all timed perfectly.

    I was curious about these different pieces the company has been working on. Does everything you do end up in a performance for an audience? Or do you just work on some things simply for the sake of the continued quest for perfection?

    How many performances does the company do each year? How many different pieces? How many hours of rehearsal for each minute of actual performance?

    When you rehearse for The Nutcracker, for example, what roles are available to you as a member of the corps? Do you rehearse just those roles or do you get to work on some of the featured roles as well.

    Thanks for giving us this inside look.

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