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Allegra Kent and Edward Villella
in Balanchine’s “Bugaku”
(c) LIFE

We just completed our last full week of rehearsals before opening weekend of Miami City Ballet’s 25th anniversary season.  Former New York City Ballet dancer Ben Huys was in the studios working with us on Jerome Robbins’ “Fanfare”, which he set on the company in March.  Also, Allegra Kent was rehearsing the principals in different ballets that we will be performing this season including, “La Sonnambula,” “Scotch Symphony”, and “Bugaku”.

Ms. Kent was the original principal woman in George Balanchine’s “Bugaku,” dancing opposite Edward Villella.  On Wednesday, the corps of Bugaku got to join the principals in a rehearsal she was conducting, which was quite nerve wracking I must say.  She had such great things to say, mostly about the stylistic aspect of the ballet.  She told us to think more about our necks and heads, but most importantly, do what comes naturally instead of over thinking everything.  When she would demonstrate, she had such an elegance in her arms and fingers, that was just inspiring.

The most incredible part of being in that rehearsal was one simple moment.  At the end of the central Pas de Deux, the woman and man embrace while the corps de ballet re-enter the stage.  As Ms. Kent was correcting the principals on how to create this interesting picture, Mr. Villella joined the conversation.  They began to talk, reminiscing on how they manufactured that moment when they used to dance it together.  Then they created the pose, holding each other just as they had all those years ago.  This was an amazing moment for everyone: we were all standing there in the presence of the original cast of “Bugaku”.  These were the two people Balanchine choose to create a masterpiece with, a masterpiece that we are now performing nearly 50 years later.

I will always remember that moment.

Check out some photos from rehearsals by Steve Rothaus.

If you are interested in learning more about Allegra Kent, take a moment to check out her book, “Once A Dancer.”


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