Posted by on 07.18.2010

While working with the summer program students on Balanchine’s “Swan Lake,” I have found that the fulfillment teachers feel when they see dancers progress, is what makes them love to teach. Spending time giving corrections, rehearsing, and working through challenges, then seeing them put all that effort to good use is thrilling. I so wish that I had a video of the first time these girls danced the choreography and compared it with Friday afternoon’s rehearsal. They don’t even look like the same dancers!

These girls are so smart, sweet, and just yearning to learn new things. I can’t wait to see how they progress these next 2 weeks leading up to the show. It is my sincere hope that all these dancers take something away from this experience that will serve them the rest of their lives, whether they choose to pursue ballet professionally or not. I know that all the Miami City Ballet School teachers feel the same way.



  1. I would love that! We'll see 🙂

  2. So true Rebecca! I think you should the Delgado's and me and teach other classes next summer as well, not just rep! I think you'd be great1
    xo, Jen

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