(105) Rebecca & Michael: Summer 2018 & NYCB Artistic Director Job Posting

Posted by on 09.04.2018

This week, Rebecca & Michael sit down to discuss this past summer, what we are up to in the coming months, and to discuss the New York City Ballet Artistic Director job description.  Here is the New York Times article by Michael Cooper which we reference.

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We recorded this episode before the devastating news came last week that the dance world lost two greats: Paul Taylor and Peter Frame.  We did not feel it appropriate to publish this week’s episode without mentioning these two who impacted dance on a grand scale and who also impacted our careers directly.

Firstly, we never met Paul Taylor, but we both had the great pleasure of dancing quite a few of his works.  These works offered up some of our most memorable and challenging onstage moments.  We felt as if we got to know Paul through his dances and through his repetiteurs who staged the ballets on us.  We will always treasure the memories of dancing these works.

As for Peter Frame, Rebecca only had a short experience with him when he came to Miami City Ballet to share his solo for ‘Episodes’ that Paul Taylor created on him.  Michael had the pleasure of being his student. Whether you knew him just a short time, or came in contact with him on a regular basis, it was clear to everyone that Peter was a truly selfless, humble, beautiful human being.  He truly wanted to bring joy to any person he touched.  His legacy will live on through the audiences who watched him dance, and the students whom he mentored.
Rest in Peace Paul Taylor and Peter Frame.

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  1. More sad news from the beloved NYCB — First, Peter Frame — only met him in passing, but watched his wonder on the stage. Rest peacefully, dear one. It is reminescent of Joseph Duell’s suicide. Joey was a dear friend and his death hit me hard. Learning about Peter caused flashbacks of Joseph. Perhaps they are dancing together in the great beyond.

    A serious note, with all of the money and technology and coaches and this and that that are now part of the International Dance Platforms, why is the Macro-Institutionalized Business Model for the Arts failing to care for the Individual Product that is literally the life blood of classical dance, and all classical forms of expression, as handed down to the present — and the future generations.

    A recent suicide of a long-time standby Broadway actor from the state of Oklahoma demonstrates that that Industry may not be doing any better of a job protecting the humans who are the core of the revenue streams,

    Secondly, having worked in a PR job at NYCB while Mr. Balanchine was in charge and having discussed many topics with him personally, one wonders if he is being vindicated by stating “apre moi — the Board”. Granted it is individual actions that have caused a present day culture of abuse and exploitation, whether in the classroom, rehearsal hall, the wings of the art form, or during private encounters.

    The SUITS have a responsibility to be more than just props in a room doing a lot of talking that seems to be part of their grandiose, self-serving, self-adgrandizing motivations for participating as part of a politically correct oversight of the cultural creations of those who have done, and those who are doing, the real WORK; been visionaries who cultivated a climate of greater self-accountability on the part of all those affiliated with the WORK of being an artist, a creative entity, a human being. Boards are simply, Good Old Boy networks, comprised of both female and male of the human species. Perhaps, they need more woman — just my thought.

    The name KOCH on the side of THE NEW YORK STATE THEATER is an affront to all who worked to help before the CORPORATE CULTURE hijacked Genius. Sorry folks, but not really. I have watched — from the outside, having been an insider for numerous years, at least two decades — and must protest the influence of the MONEY that has taken over. Mr. Balanchine must be spinning in his grave.

    My life is very private and peaceful, however, that does not allow me to become unaware of the less than positive forces that seemingly are now in place — not just at CITY BALLET — but, perhaps, due to the disconnection of humanity that has and is being promulgated by Social Media and technology; the Internet. For me all of it is driving humans apart — synergy, really?

    This may be my final comment, on this machine, about a World of Art that literally saved me, growing up, and maturing into an adult. Seventy years of life will soon pass. It has been joyful, loving and fulfilling. I do not plan to exit anytime soon — there’s too much to learn and witness. My hope is that the Race Called Human will soon take back its proper place on this Orb Called Earth.

    Hugs to all,


    PS — Yes, I do live under a Palm Tree, dozens. And, yes, they do Tend me daily.


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