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Posted by on 12.11.2010

I am participating in the Top Dance Blogs of 2010 contest, but I need your help to win this great honor!  I am entering into the category of Dancer Musings, which is sure to be a tight race.  The way the blogs will be judged is based on reader support.  Show your support for my blog by leaving a comment below.  Then, the 20 blogs with the most support will qualify for the voting round.  The winner and the ranking will be decided based on reader’s votes.  But hurry, we only have until December 22nd!
So if you enjoy reading my blog, PLEASE, take a second to leave a comment of support to help me on my way in the Top Dance Blogs of 2010 contest!

Thank you to all of you who have already voted.  I am overwhelmed with this outpouring of support.  You all make it worth it!


  1. Great to read a rational view of Black Swan at last.

  2. great blog!

  3. Yay for my favorite MCB dancer and her blog!

  4. Here is my vote!

  5. I read your blog because I am new to dancing, and you make it seem like regular people are dancers, not weird ones. You are so funny, too! This is a gem.

  6. You are so real and fun to read! Thanks for everything you!

  7. i really enjoyed your Black Swan posting especially the 'ballet cliches".
    Good luck.

  8. Here's another vote! 🙂

  9. everybody, raise the roof for rebecca's blog!!


  11. You are so talented, Ms. King! Please keep it up!

  12. I love your blog!!!

  13. you have the best blogggggg!!!!!!!!!!! please keep writing!!

  14. I'm a recent follower of your blog. Always insightful and inspiring. Thank you for the inside look…

  15. I love this blog for its straight forward honesty and revelations into the dance world. Professional ballet dancers are no different than professional athletes. And making it in a top ballet company is as tough as making it into the NBA.

  16. Thanks, Rebecca, for your insight and sensitivity!
    Hope you win!

  17. I like this blog for its great information about the ballet world for those familiar or even not familiar with ballet.

  18. Your blog gives both pleasure and a chance to experience the ballet from the dancer's point of view. We didn't have such good fortune a generation ago. Ballet is a great art. You write about it as I suspect you live it: seriously — and with a sense of fun. Just as it deserves.


  19. Great blog, fun and informative

  20. I love ballet. Therefore, I love your blog. It gives me insight into the happenings and hard work in the world of dancing. I value your publications.

  21. Best dance blog! You're the Nina of the Internet


  22. Nice Blog, Rebecca! Keep it up! You are a very good writer.

  23. Rebecca

    I really liked your view of the "Black Swan" keep blogging!

  24. you know i love you and your dance blog! and you've been so supportive of mine. you are amazing! i hope it's been snowing on stage for you as it has for me.

  25. I enjoy your writing, it is always well thought out and holds my attention to the end.

  26. Liked your take on The Black Swan…

  27. Ms King, Have enjoyed finding your blog on ballet. Wonderful insights that unless you are involved in ballet would never be understood.
    Thank you. I enjoy very very much.

  28. Another vote from Japan, i enjoy your blog so much!

  29. Great job Rebecca. Very informative and substantive.
    Thank you.

  30. Great blog! It is so interesting to read about the world of ballet from an insider!

  31. Great job! I am learning so much. Appreciate the time you take to write really thoughtful and informative articles.

  32. I love reading your blog. Thank you for showing me and mine all the behind the scenes highlights of your world. Good luck with the contest and your career. We support you!

  33. A vote for you!

  34. Good Luck! ????????????(I support you from Japan.)

  35. Good luck! I love the ballet. Nice to see you too Denise.

  36. Becky sure does a great blog!!!!

  37. Keep blogging and best wishes on your continued success.

  38. I was just introduced to your blog and appreciated the warmth you project and the enthusiasm for your art.


  39. You really bring the ballet to life Rebecca-you are able to inject emotions through your words. Good Job

  40. It is fantastic to get your insights everyday, not only Ballet but from the viewpoint of everyday life as a dancer. Your blog is very well written and obviously very well received. Keep up the good work !

  41. Always fun to read. Keep it up! Good Luck!

  42. Love your blog. As someone with no real working knowledge of the ballet world, it provides wonderful insights into your day to day life as well as the magic of a life spent on the stage.

  43. I always enjoy reading your special insights into ballet, and you write in such an interesting and vivid way. We are lucky that you give time to sharing your special experience of a world we love with us.

  44. So enjoy the blog. It is both enlightening and entertaining.

  45. Hi I enjoy reading your blog and I enjoy the way you put a lot of the behind the scenes stuff into it too. Its a great blog and hope u keep it up. Cheers.

  46. I look forward to seeing "New Blog Posts" in my Inbox every week! You make my day! Your writing is fresh and insightful. I appreciate your honesty and hard work. You deserve to win this contest. Thank you for all that you do to support ballet, the arts and Miami. ~ Denise

  47. A vote for you! Especially love the back-stagey bits

  48. Great Blog, Rebecca – keep it up. Would love to see you dance again, let us know when you're in the LA area again. Happy Holidays

  49. I love your insightful comments on ballet, and your easy style of writing. Keep up the great blogging – you make my day!

  50. Keep blogging and good luck!

  51. Love reading your blog. You give us a remarkable point of view of the ballet world. It is the view from behind the curtain… blinded by spotlights and scented by rosin. Yet is always clear-eyed and insightful. Thanks.

  52. Rebecca, Tendus Under a Palm Tree is one of the only blogs I have ever found on the Internet that describes my hometown of Miami as "one of the most glamorous and trendy places in the world" You Rock!!! Keep up the great work!

  53. My vote is yours! Toi-Toi for the best blog:-)

  54. Your blog brings so much about the dance world alive that wouldn't normally even consider. Keep it up

  55. I'm so glad I found your blog. Here's a vote! All the best!

  56. Rebecca, you da ish!

  57. Yay becky!!!

  58. Rebecca, I truly enjoyed reading your entries. I see a larger side of ballet. Thank you. I wish you the very best with this contest!

  59. I love your blog & twitter!!!

  60. Best dance blog ever! It's fun, down to earth, informative, and well written.


  61. Rebecca, the hard work that you put into your blog really shows. Best wishes for you in the contest and best wishes for your performances.


  62. We really enjoy your blog – here's a vote!

    All the best


  63. Rebecca, I enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your website. I will pass along to Anna and Taylor- I am sure they will be impressed. Keep blogging!

  64. Keep 'em coming;) Great reads!

  65. I look forward to each new one you write. It is very well done and certainly shows your enthusiasm for your dance and writing.

  66. Sending best wishes for a successful Nutcracker season but more than that, a blessed Christmas season for you, you mom and dad. Hope to see you dance someday. Jeff Koenig

  67. How nice to find your blog. Best wishes for continued success!

  68. Love your blog! Informative, thoughtful, and all-around awesome!

  69. You are creating a go-to dance blog. Your series on Balanchine helps connect today's dance viewer with the artform's glorious past. The pieces that detail your work-a-day life with Miami Ballet keep the balletomane seeing dancers as real people. And with the new dialogue you've started based on Alastair Macaulay's recent review, you are opening the door to new subjects and new voices. So we all say, "Keep Blogging!"


  70. Rebecca

    I have been reading your blog after finding it on the Miami City Ballet Website. I look forward to reading about your experiences dancing with the company and find your interpretation of Balanchine's choreography of utmost interest. Good luck on the contest and with the rest of the season, keep blogging!


  71. Your's is always an interesting and well written blog. Good luck.

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