The Virtual Pas De Deux: Your Guide to Partnering (Part One)

Posted by on 02.19.2011

I have partnered up with Henrik Lamark from the extremely successful dancer-musings blog, Tights and Tiaras, for a post on the art of the “pas de deux.” For those of you who do not know this ballet term, a pas de deux is translated as a “dance for two.”  Henrik approached me with this idea for a blog post, explaining that he needed the female perspective of the pas de deux.  So together, we are bringing you a virtual pas de deux, where Henrik and I discuss the basics, techniques, and challenges of dancing with a partner.

We have cut our post into two parts.  Henrik just posted the first part on his blog.  I urge you to click on the link below to read our thoughts. Part Two will be posted right here on TENDUS next week.  If you have subscribed to my email list, you will get an email notifying you when Part Two has been published.  Also, you will get the unique opportunity to ask us a question that we will answer in our follow up Q&A post COMING SOON!  So if you have not subscribed, take a moment to do so now!

Until then, please click over to Tights and Tiaras to find our “Virtual Pas De Deux: Your Guide to Partnering (Part One).”

Also, featuring photos by the talented, Leigh-Ann Esty.

Miami City Ballet Principal dancers Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg and Carlos Guerra.
Tchaikovsky Pad De Deux, Choreography by George Balanchine.
Photo by Leigh-Ann Esty



  1. Thank you Henrik. I cannot wait to do it again sometime!!!

  2. Thank you very much for joining this, Rebecca! I have enjoyed writing this with you a lot, and if the people want it, let's do it again sometime?!

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